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Nestled in the rolling countryside of southeast New Hampshire, The Carriage Barn provides a full spectrum of equine therapeutic programs and activities. In the context of a quiet, natural outdoor setting, our gentle horses and supportive team help participants form unique relationships that nurture and empower them in ways that bring new insights, self-confidence, improved communication, and relaxation.




The Carriage Barn Driving Program invites you
to a special Halloween Clinic:

De-spooking the Driving Horse

October 15th & 16th


Runaways, noises, ghosts – we will talk about many aspects of horse behavior.  The program is based on the work of Susan McDonnell, Ph.D. and her book, The Equid Ethogram:  A Practical Guide to Horse Behavior.  Susan McDonnell, Ph.D. is a world renowned equine behaviorist and has worked at the Bolton Center, University of Pennsylvania, developing the Equine Behavior Program.

Explore with us the driving horse’s behavior and its wondrous ability to work for human kind.  Save the dates October 15th & 16th for this clinic.  Private lessons may be scheduled by contacting The Carriage Barn.