Equine Journal Driving News

A big THANK YOU to Kathryn Selinga and The Equine Journal for including “Coming Soon to a Town Near You” in the Driving News section of their June 2014 issue!  Along with the write up, be sure to have a look at the right hand photo.  That is Morgan Driving No Moe with Carriage Barn Board Member Paul.

The Carriage Barn’s senior carriage drivers are participating in several old home days activities.  Cars shows now include restored carriages as well as adaptive carriages.  Our drivers with quadriplegia use a NASCAR seat with five point restraints.  Every car enthusiast wants to sit in a NASCAR seat!

Most antique carriages have the same components as the first cars – springs, brakes, lights & passengers.  Our drivers will be driving and talking about their vehicles to the old home day crowds.  See them in Kensington, NH July 11th & 12th and in Amesbury, MA, the Carriage Capital of the World, July 1st through 4th.

We will also have a team of drivers exhibiting a musical review of antique and new carriages in several town commons this summer & fall.  Also check out Abbott & Downing coaches at http://concordcoach.org/.