Kind words from our clients, colleagues, and community


“I did receive the blanket, it was in the exact condition as described! After a washing and quick fix my gelding will love it!  Thank you! ” ~ Amanda S, NH


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“He won a medallion for the wheelchair event.  It was a lot of fun for him to demonstrate the cart used to take handicap people hiking.  He met a lot of nice people and continues to talk about it.  We are definitely going to go skiing this Winter with the same adaptive sports program out of north Conway”.  ~ Thanks to the folks of the Winner’s Circle Running Club for arranging for one of The Carriage Barn’s students to participate in the 35th Annual Pat Polletta Rail-Trail Race (2013).  Volunteers assisted our student in using a Trailrider so that he could get out of his wheelchair and participate in the race. 

“My son has enjoyed the benefits of the Therapeutic Riding Program for the past four years. The staff has been most helpful to him. They were very encouraging and accommodating when he showed an interest in carriage driving along with horseback riding. Even to the point of working with his school district’s occupational therapist to enable him to learn how to harness a horse to a cart. As with any child with special needs, his moods are not always consistent. The staff will work with him and me in order for him to have a good lesson. My son really loves to go to his weekly lesson and will actually ride all winter long rather than stop and wait for spring.”


“I have had the pleasure as Director of Family Mediation and Juvenile Services to have worked closely with Ann Miles and her staff. I have referred many youth to her program for therapeutic intervention and witnessed amazing results when other forms of treatment seemed to fall short. The Carriage Barn was also one of our community service sites that would work with our many young people who needed to perform community service in order to make amends for their behavior. Ann and her staff would always say yes to our kids and go above and beyond to assure their experience was meaningful.”

“The Carriage Barn provides a home for horses as well as clients. Many horses are given to the program because people can no longer properly care for them. Barnum & Bailey were abandoned in a field in Connecticut. This little pair of Belgium circus ponies was given to the program by a caring person who saved them and wanted them to have a good home. The staff has trained abused horses as well as older horses who can no longer do demanding work…Through perseverance and commitment, Ann and her staff continue to strive to help improve the lives of people and animals.”